Essays on Canadian Writing



Nancy Kang
By All Means Necessary: Marlene NourbeSe Philip’s Frontiers, Public Intellectualism, and the Challenges of Afro-Canadian Activism

David Chariandy
The Lyricism of Cultural Difference

Geraldine D. Geniusas
Obasan and the Power of Fiction

Gregory J. Reid
Is There an Anglo-Québécois Literature?

Sam McKegney
Imagined (First?) Nations: Extending David Williams’s Analysis of Media

Martin Dawes
Cinema’s Imprinting of The English Patient: Self, Community, and the Gravitational Pull of Casablanca

Marta Dvorak
Metafiction and Ficto-Criticism in Canadian Postmodern Writing: The Ultimate Subversion of Genre?

Sabine Milz
Aboriginal Publishing in Contemporary Canada: Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and Kegedonce Press

Alessandro Porco
“Illocutions for the Ill at Heart”: Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Hello Serotonin

Gregory Betts
Media, McLuhan, and the Dawn of the Electric Age in Sheila Watson’s Deep Hollow Creek and The Double Hook

Shelley Boyd
“Transplanted into Our Gardens”: Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill


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